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Feb 5.

Well, that went quick. I didn't forget you, nothing exciting really crossed my mind while I was busy being... busy?

Anyway, I've had a little something on my mind the past few days. Can you guess? Begins with avo and ends with cado. 

What even is an avocado? It's a breakfast fruit we usually smoosh onto toast because it tastes good and it's more healthy than a McMuffin. It's become more than a breakfast staple for Australians, it is the first thing we think of when we get up and the last thing on our minds before we head off to sleep. For me anyway, breakfast is actually my job.

You guys know what a great avocado tastes like, right? It's the fleshy, kind of oily and creamy texture that really is what makes an avocado great though. A bad avo? Stringy in texture, partly rotten and smells a little sour.

No worries mate, just smash it. A little lemon juice, she'll be right.

And that's why I will never smash an avocado. Too many times I've seen cooks and chefs order in their weeks worth of this delicious fruit, only to not care about where they sourced them or the quality because it's just getting smashed up all in one big bowl with something acidic to keep it from browning. Then portioned up into those plastic prep containers and before the lid gets popped on, a layer of cling film gets pressed into the top. Day dot it and you're good for the week.....unless someone re-runs that article on avocados and houses again, then you might have to prep some more. 

I would never smash an avocado. I adore the texture this special fruit has as a whole chuck or wedge and that is unfortunately completely lost and forgotten in a classic avo smash/crush/smoosh/mush.

My heart gets a little bruised when I see avocados smashed up but that's just me and my opinion and this is just me a my blog.

You can smash avo for guacamole though, I'll allow that.

Jan 5.